Winding Down 2013

Posted Nov 13, 2013.

What's been happening the last few months? If you haven't been following the Witness Facebook page, you may not be up to speed. So here's the update to end all updates:

The Weekend Edition Returns:

I took the summer off to get some much-needed work done on the full length album due out next year. But my monthly mixtape series, The Weekend Edition got a reboot this past October. Check out the latest tracks below!

(Or, you can listen to The Weekend Edition in its entirety over at Bandcamp here: The Weekend Edition)

Drink To The Past:

2013 saw the creation of Drink To The Past. The premise of DTTP is simple. Can one rapper beat the video games from his childhood as an adult? Can be he beat them in one sitting? Can he beat them in one sitting while drunk? DTTP turned out to be a surprising success. Broadcasting live once a month on Ustream, I've been taking on classic retro games, copious amounts of alcohol and calls from around the world on Skype. We also frequently see calls from musicians you may love, so be sure to tune in for the latest episode this Sunday! Check out what happened last time here:

Tune in this Sunday, November 17th at 12 PM CST for the latest episode streaming live! Be sure to call in. But remember that the phone line listed below doesn't open until 12 PM CST! Watch Here: Drink To The Past



Thirst, Blogs and Weekends

Posted Feb 16, 2013.

Lots has been going on. The full length is underway, we've got planning stages down for a music video for the first single and lots more. But in case you're not up to speed on the other happenings:

  • The Weekend Edition is still going strong.  There was no update this week, due to Valentine's Day, but there's more on the way. If you haven't been following along on the Youtube channel, you can always catch the downloads over at the Bandcamp page.
  • I restarted the blog with thoughts on the past 3 years since the passing on Nujabes and why my tribute was my last foray into that sound.
  • Continuing the annual Valentine's tradition that began with "Love With Love", I released a new song this past Thursday called "Thirst". It was graciously featured by the always-working Bob42JH. Give it a listen if you haven't. 

The Weekend Edition

Posted Dec 02, 2012.

Over the years, I've written a lot of songs with references to pop culture or current events that I felt aged too quickly to be part of an official album. I also have literally hundreds of beats I've made over that will never see the light of day. And so, I've created The Weekend Edition; a new mixtape that will be an outlet for exactly that kind of thing. As the name suggests, I'll be releasing a new track twice a month on Sundays on Youtube. Good old fashioned rapsmithing about the world we live in on a bi-weekly basis. 

To start it off; I've gotten a lot of requests for an official recording of this one over the years. Enjoy.

"The Girl Song"

Twenty Years From Tomorrow

Posted Feb 14, 2012.

Continuing the tradition from last year's "Love With Love", we got a new song up for everyone's favorite romantically flavored corporate holiday.

Free download at Bandcamp for the lonely!



Witness & The Family Secret - Black Dog Sessions

Posted Dec 09, 2011.

Been a while since the last update. Got quite a few things in the works. This is one of them.

The Black Dog Sessions is a growing collection of live studio performances of Witness songs as arranged by myself and my touring band, The Family Secret. The EP's tracklist will be assembled through fan requests over the course of the next year while we're putting together the full length album. So if you have any of my songs you'd like to hear live, we want to hear them. Hit the comments. Hit Facebook. Hit on your friend's girlfriend by telling her you wrote these songs for her.

"Watercolors" from The Everafter LP

"Yesterday's Wake" from The Evermore EP


Additionally, the songs are available for purchase on Bandcamp as the album is being assembled!

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